Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael's Death, Natural Causes or Foul Play?

Michael Jackson's Death (Notes, Observations, Ideas, Theories, and Opinions):

Michael's come back concert shows sold out within 10 minutes which made the investors/promoters millions upon millions of dollars.

Michael canceled the first 5 shows for some unknown reason, which made the promoters angry and very nervous about their investment.

If Michael canceled the entire tour, the promoters would lose a HUGE SUM of money... we're talking 8 or 9 figures easy (90 million to 300 million dollars).

All "big name" promoters purchase insurance on the performers they work with to protect their business investment in the event that something goes wrong (like the performer dieing). But for some reason, these promoters purchased a policy 3 times the normal amount that they usually do.

Michaels "handlers" kept Michael away from his family over the last couple of years for some unknown reason.

Michael underwent a full and complete physical 5 months ago that was mandated by the promoters insurance company, and the doctor found, and I quote "MICHAEL HAS ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL PROBLEMS OR ISSUES WHATSOEVER THAT WOULD HINDER HIM FROM PERFORMING" end quote. I'm not sure who this doctor examined, but it sure wasn't Michael. Everyone could see how frail and ill Michael looked. Everyone that was close to Michael (friends and family) have publicly stated that they were worried about his health. But the doc. said he was "fine and in good health". PLEASE! I think that the promoters knew that they couldn't purchase this HUGE insurance policy on Michael without a doctor's exam to determine if he was healthy or not. So it's not a huge leap to think that there was some sort of bribery or payoff with the doctors to ensure that they get results they wanted.

Michael's personal physician was with Michael at his house when he collapsed due to cardiac arrest, and died right in front of him. What are the odds of having your physician at your house when you're dieing? hmmmmmmm

Michael had enormous debt, so the same people that were investing in the his 50 show "comeback" concert, also offered to pay off Michael's debt in exchange for doing the comeback shows, and they wanted Michael's "Neverland" ranch. Michael accepted the deal, so now they own "Neverland". I haven't heard anyone say this yet, but I'm willing to bet that those promoters/investors are planning to turn Neverland into something like Elvis's Graceland. Graceland makes millions in profit every year, and it's the source of a huge chunk
of the Presley family's wealth.

It's plain to see that these people stand to profit more from Michael's death, than they would if he was still alive. In fact, they were heading into a situation that would of lost them a lot of money, and possibly bankrupt their company. I'm not saying that these people killed Michael, I'm just stating facts that I think needs more investigation.

And here's one last interesting tid-bit.
Way back in the 1980's Michael and Paul McCartney were pretty close friends. The friendship ended when Michael purchased exclusive rights to the whole Beatles catalog, before McCartney could raise the money to buy it himself. This collection of Beatles songs are extremely valuable. Michael makes 20 to 30 million a year from this catalog. After McCartney found out, he never spoke to Michael again. Fast forward to yesterday (June 25, 2009) when Michael died, one of Michael's attorneys stated that Michael left the catalog
to McCartney free and clear in hong that has probably bothered him for years and years. I hope Paul acknowledges this publicly. We'll jis will. I really admire that. He could of left it to his family or his kids, but he didn't. He wanted to right a wrust have to wait and see. But I did find it fascinating that Michael's lawyer was on tv talking about his will, just a couple of hours after he was pronounced dead, and even more disheartening, before the family even had a chance to have a reading of the will. hmmmmmmmm

So the list of people that stand to gain the most from his death are:
1. The concert promoters & investors.
2. Paul McCartney (from the legendary band "The Beatles")
3. The biological mother of his kids.
4. The Ayatollah & Ahmadinejad. (because it took the media focus away from the situation in Iran)
5. South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford (Because it took the media focus off of his affair & his lying).

Ok, the last two are tough to take seriously, and I have to admit that I did throw them in there for a laugh, but stranger things have happened. In this heady time we live in, anything is possible.

DISCLAIMER: All statements and claims included in this blog post are pure conjecture and theory. Although a majority of these statements are based on documented facts, the author (DeMon Spencer) used these facts to draw his own conclusions, and to pose questions that he deemed relevant and valid to the subject matter.

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