Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Politics vs Celeb Culture & Health Care

Politics VS Celeb Culture

Everyone knows I'm a political junkie. I follow politics like most guys follow sports. Up until a few weeks ago, a majority of my blog entries were about politics. Unfortunately I've had to abandon that angle for a while in order to pursue other interests, projects, and business opportunities. In other words, writing about politics all the time does not make me money (lol). I'm being totally honest here. Call me a sellout or whatever. I can take it. I would never let ANYONE dictate or question my personal integrity. I'd be broke and completely destitute if I concerned myself with what people thought about me. The bottom line is, the more visitors I get on my site, the more money I make. If I write one blog about Chris Brown & Rihanna's domestic abuse issues, and another blog about the effects NAFTA has had on international trade... guess which one would generate the most traffic. Of course it's going to be the one about Chris Breezy & lil' ReRe (lol). I'm not talking about a small disparity, I'm talking about a HUGE difference in traffic numbers. I know, It's totally ubsurd, and I hate taking part in it all, but I have to make a living. In this country, only the wealthy can afford principals and, and I'm not quite there yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I have no interest in celeb culture, because I do. I visit Perez Hilton's site every now and then. I watch Entertainment Tonight on occasion. So I'm not downing or bashing that kind of stuff. I'm just saying that if given a choice, I'd choose politics. I could easily look at the negative side of this, but I'm choosing not to. I feel very lucky to get paid for doing something that I love. Writing has always been a passion of mine. So what if I have to make concessions every now and then. It's a very small toll to pay on my road toward enlightenment and total creative freedom. How many people can say that they get paid for doing something they love? ....... can you say that? ........ NOPE, Didn't think so (lol)


Because of the situation I described in my previous blog post, I've been sitting on the sidelines rooting for my "team" strictly as a spectator. My plate has been over-flowingly full to say the least. I have two sites that have to be "launch ready" before September, I have 3 different blogs (DeMon Govsenprez, Blue Options, and D-MESHthat I have to update daily and constantly find new content for, I'm still working on my album & recording new songs whenever possible, and on top of all that, I have an overload of graphic art jobs for different clients. So that's the main reason why you haven't heard me speak out and give my opinion on this health care issue. I finally got fed up with all of the nonsense, the misleading Republican talking points, the political posing and posturing, the partisan pundits posing as journalists (aka Lou Dobbs), and worst of all, the conservative Democrats that are basically sabotaging their own party, and the man they elected to run this country. After all that, it would be almost impossible for me to watch all of this unfold while I sit ideally by. I can not figure out why Democrats are playing right into the hands of the Republicans. Either they are dumb as nails, extremely naive, or they have a monetarily vested interest in stopping this bill from being passed. Lobbyist seek-out the kind of politicians that are greedy, of poor moral character, and can be bought for the right incentive. It's so sad to see the behavior of the opposition at the "town hall" meetings. People need to know that 90% of the "disruptors" that you see screaming on tv, were all staged and orchestrated by Michael Steele and the Republican party. It's crazy how easy it is to plant ideas and false information into the brains of conservatives in order to manufacture fear and outrage. And the really sad part of it all is that most of these people would benefit from the President's health care bill. 75% of Americans make less than $50,000 a year, and under the proposed plan, their taxes will not be raised at all. They fail to realize that the people that's organizing disruption and spreading false information to get the middle class angry, are just using them to make the rich even richer. This is the same kind of problem that's causing the gap between middle class and the wealthy to widen greatly. The American middle class is disappearing right in front of our eyes. That's one of the main reasons why we need this health care bill to pass. We elected President Obama because we thought his ideas and leadership would make this country prosperous again for ALL Americans. This President knows what it feels like to struggle. That's why he's been able to connect with so many voters. We had 8 years of Bush's White House catering to the rich, because that's all he knew. He grew up with millions at his disposal. His family is wealthy, his friends are wealthy, his wife's family is wealthy. So those were the pepole he catered to. But we finally get a President that wants to help lift Americans out of poverty and help the middle class rise again, and we want to backpedal and second guess ourselves. We knew the President's position on health care over 2 years ago when he was still campaigning, and we all seemed to want it then. That's why I don't understand what conservative democrats are thinking. What's their motive? As I said before, I'm sure it's all political. I'm hoping and praying that President Obama does not back away from his original bill. He needs to stand his ground on this one, or the Republicans are going to try the same bulling techniques all throughout his whole Presidency. I think Obama needs to throw his weight around, and put the fear of God into those dissenting "turncoat" democrats. If it was November right now, and some of those Democrats were up for re-election, I bet they'd be singing a different tune. They'd be kissing Obama's ass and begging him to campaign for them and help them get re-elected. President Obama needs to remind them that he will remember those who supported him and those who didn't. I bet if he lays it out to them in those terms, you'd see a huge shift of public support from that group of dissenting Democrats. Sometimes you got to play just as dirty as they do. In this situation, I would pull every trick I could think of, because the ends will justify the means. He can worry about "clean up" after the bill is passed. I think when it finally does get passed, most of the naysayers are going to be eating crow and loving their affordable prescriptions and their affordable health care; all thanks to the President for seeing past our current circumstances and for standing up to his opponents and standing up to the extremely powerful insurance lobby.

**side note** I want to encourage people to do a little research on this health care bill. Don't beleive something to be true just becasue you heard it on tv or you read it in a newspaper. Take a close look at the biggest opponets of this bill. Then you'll start to see the real truth. You'll find that most of the organizations that are spending millions to try and kill public health care, are all big money corporations that have lobbied and shaped government policy for their benefit, and they continue to exploit the current health care system to get as much as your money as possible. These people and organizations have no interest in helping anyone but themselves. Don't let this kind of behavior continue. Don't let them use you to make even more profit from a broken health care system, that can be so easily fixed.

The amazingly wise Mr. Fredrick Douglas once said "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” I believe we proved that to be true when we united as a country and decided to elect Brarack Obama as our leader. We have the power to shape our own destiny. Those who want to oppress us can only do so if we let them. We need to show the wealthy establishment that we will not endure oppression of any kind, under any circumstances. Not in this country. Not in this lifetime. Never again.


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