Friday, February 4, 2011

Church Fight Caught On Video

Recently I posted a video of an incident that took place at a church here in North Carolina. I could explain the video's content, but it wouldn't do it justice. So if you haven't seen it, then I'd suggest you take a look at it before you read the rest of this blog. (watch it directly from my blog, or click on this link:

This video sparked a very interesting discussion about the current state of churches in the Black community. Here are a few of the comments I found most interesting. The first of which belongs to me:

I miss the "civil rights" era of Black churches. It was more about community, fellowship, togetherness, a safe place to worship and exchange ideas. Now it seems to be more about money and power. I think the mega-churches have done a huge disservice to the Black community, & that's what turns a lot of people away from the church. Back in the day what made a good pastor was how well he spoke the word of God, not how much money he has or how big his church is or how many books he's sold.  -T DeMon Spencer

Comment #1:
The lady at the end said this is GOD's house but what she fails to understand is that GOD does not live at every church you see. Pastor Donnie McClurkin made that so clear at a service he did on Southern University's campus last Friday.

Comment #2:

This has to be THE MOST embarassing situation I have seen to date. Clearly, this is nothing more than a worthless power grab by those that have NO CLUE of what the true church "ekklesia" represents.
Once again, we have people that are more interested in practicing religion and "playing church," having made a complete ass of themselves once again. When, oh when, will these people learn?!

Comment #3:
I saw Pastor Donnie McClurkin preach at Southern University last Friday and you are just saying what he said. But in a nutshell. He blasted those Baptist preacher with all their man made religious crap. I mean it was awsome. His preaching was awesome.

Comment #4:
Hate to say it but its true....and it didnt use to be that way, thats why the black community is in the shape its in now. Too much mess going on in the "LAWDS" house. I was brought up in the church, sunday school, BTU (baptist training union) say no to drugs, youth choir, young adult choir...EVERYTHING lol. As I got older I saw how SOME church members were. How many are hypocrites and judgemental. I still go but not as much, I stay home and have my own personal relationship with God.

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