Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Got Them All Figured Out

The stimulus debate in Washington has given me a very uneasy feeling. But, because there is so much going on in the news, and in our government, It took me a while to pin point the cause of my mental nausea. I think most Americans that are interested in politics, and watch 24 hour news networks constantly as I do, can suffer from "information overload" at times. I would be at the extreme end of that spectrum because of my "child like" attention span, and my constantly changing interest. Today, after watching a story on CNN about some republican governors refusing stimulus money, it became instantly clear to me. My subconscious ability to compile remember receive and connect information, unveiled a sinister plot worthy of my ATTENTION, and warranting my discomfort. I'll spare your subconscious some time and lay it out plain and simple for you.

A majority of Americans DID NOT LIKE how republicans and the Bush administration governed our country over the last 8 years. This is a hard and simple fact, which was proven by electing Obama as President. (That's puzzle piece number 1). Republicans have made it very clear that they want President Obama to fail. This statement didn't surprise me at all. The surprising part was the fact that they said it publicly. (That's puzzle piece number 2). If you just put those two pieces together, you could After I put those two pieces together, I came up with one conclusion. The republicans will attempt to sabotage anything coming out of The White House, so they can say to Americans "I told you so". Fast forward to Obama's hugely ambitious stimulus plan. Republicans have railed, picked-apart, and criticized the plan every chance they could, and from every angle they could think of. They keep telling us that it will not work. Then they try to scare people with misleading data and right wing spun assessments that favor whatever their party is pushing. This type of political maneuvering is very risky for the republicans. I could not understand why the GOP would take such a risk. What if President Obama's plan is a huge success? The republican party already suffered a huge backlash in this past election mainly because of Bush. As a result, their numbers are dwindling day by day. If the stimulus plan works, it would be the final nail in the coffin for them. Rewind back to the beginning of my story, to the part where I'm watching a story on CNN about republican governors refusing to accept stimulus money. Now add that piece of the puzzle to the other two pieces. . . can you see a picture forming yet? Don't panic if it's blury... I'll make it a little more focused for you.
Add the part about Republicans wanting President Obama to fail
Add the "Bush Backlash" effect
Add the risk of being wrong about the stimulus failing
Add the potential death of the GOP if they are wrong
Add the fact that some Republican governors are refusing to accept state stimulus money and comply with President Obama's, house approved stimulus plan.
When you place all those pieces together, you realize the real reason these governors are refusing to take the money. They know that in order for the President's plan to work, each bill in the plan is contingent on each step being implemented precisely as it was written. If a couple of governors can knock a couple pegs out, it might just be enough to topple the whole damn thing. It ups the odds they have for the stimulus to be a failure. SABOTAGE PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

So, there you have it. Now what are you going to do to change things? The best thing to do, is for those of us living in one of those states that have a governor saying that he's going to refuse the stimulus money, is to harass him and his office, and let him know that we aren't going to stand for this type of partisan, sour grapes, type of politics. When I say harass, I don't mean physically harass. I mean harass his office with letters, emails, calls, write a blog about it, call your newspaper to run a story about it, protest in front of the governors mansion, organize a protest group, don't stop until he gets the point.

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  1. You have no clue what your talking about, I dont like republicans but im guessing they refused the money because it would only add to the obviously unsustainable national and state debt load, but the very action of printing the money to give out causes inflation and is essentially a flat tax on everyone. The Federal Reserve Note will fail and america will lose the world reserve status, you cant imagine how big a change this will be. The idea that government should give bailouts in a free market is absurd,any government spending is just newly created debt that we pass onto the next generation, until other countries wake up and realize america is worth nothing. America doesnt produce or manufacture almost anything anymore, and all the government intervention and massive federal government has driven almost all of them out.



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