Friday, March 20, 2009

Trina's Response

OMG! Trina is "THE SHIT", for realz! I can't believe she loved the pic, and left me a comment on my blog... ok, let me try and calm down. I'm starting to sound like those 13 & 14 year old girls that scream and pass out over the Jonas Brothers (lol). But, right now, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN how corny I sound lol. You guys just don't understand how big of a fan I am of her. I've been hooked on "The Trina Bandwagon" from the very beginning. I still remember the first time I heard her on the song she did with Trick Daddy (Nanna Nigga). Her style, her looks, and her flow was unlike anything I've seen in hip hop at that time. I can almost recite verbatim almost every song she's done (my favorite is "The Baddest"). And when the opportunity came for me to actually meet her and be on MTV, I was hyped big time. I missed one of my exams in sociology to drive all the way to New Jersey just to meet her. I respect and admire her style. She's managed to stay relevant for a whole decade, and that is extremely rare in hip hop. So I'm not ashamed at all to share my excitement about her to anyone. "FUCK A DIME, SHE'S A SILVER DOLLA"... HOLLA!


Here's Trina's first ever video "Nann" featuring Trick Daddy:

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