Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As I watch what's going on in our country played out in every current form of media you can think of, I began to see something in the human spirit that's very dark, evil, and innately insecure. Proposition 8 in California is a bill that says marriage can only be defined as one man and one woman, which basically says that if you're gay and you and your partner want to enter into matrimony, you're out of luck. I've struggled for years and years trying to understand what makes people want to persecute, oppress, and exclude their fellow human beings for not believing as they believe, or hate people because their skin pigment is different from theirs. It's amazing to me that they see nothing wrong with this. Throughout history, this same type of evil has occurred over and over again... but we've learned absolutely NOTHING from it. Nothing at all. I'm 100% sure that this gay marriage ban will be looked at as a major injustice years, maybe even decades from now. It will be seen in the same light as slavery and the holocaust. But I'm here now... we're living in the time we're living in. Sure time will bring us justice, but we don't have to wait. We've seen this same story play out a million times, and it all ends in the same way. With all of our knowledge, and with our ability to reach and communicate, and share ideas with people all over the world, we are still just as ignorant as those slave owners were in 1654, just as ignorant as Hitler and Nazi Germany was in 1933, just as ignorant as those who took part in the Salem witch trials in 1692, just as ignorant as those who supported segregation during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950's, just as ignorant as those who supported apartheid in South Africa in 1948. We learned all of this in 3rd grade. There are countless movies, books, articles, and documentaries about every one of those events... but for some reason, we're not connecting the dots. So I ask a very simple question. WHY? Some of you may say religion bears most of the blame, but I think it's a lot deeper than just religion. I believe human insecurity is the root of it all. Insecurity is a dark, evil and dangerous emotion that can cause humans to do horrible and terrible things to each other. Insecurity defies any and all logic. Insecure people feed off of each others negative energy. For some reason, they crave the feeling of superiority. They have to exclude and opress anyone that's unlike them, in order to feed that craving. They seek out "easy targets", and use whatever amunition they can find, to justify their sick behavior (like religion). Then it snowballs from there into something ugly and evil because they don't realize that negativity will never fill that void of insecurity. It boggles the mind that these so called religious leaders and organizations are spending their time and money and focusing their attention on the personal lives of two consenting adults that are in love and want to get married, and happens to be of the same gender. Who I love and who I marry, has nothing to do with them. My right to marry will in no way affect any aspect of their life. With everything that's going on in the world like famine, homelessness, desize, etc., why would they want to focus on what two consenting adults do in their personal life. They have to see the hypocrisy of it all. Nobody is that dumb. I guess I'll call it "willful-ignorance"... and I call them DUMB ASS IGNORANT ASSHOLES. Legal gay marriage will happen sooner or later anyway, so let's fast forward through all this bullshit, and accept the inevatible.

Visit for more information. This country just elected it's first African American president. If we can do that, we can do anything.

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