Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things to laugh at (Neo & The Church Lady)

Can you believe that is Neo. WOW! Dude looks like he's in his late 40's or something. He should have kept that damn Cuban fedora hat on (lol). Now we know why he wears it in every video.


I didn't write this; I jacked it from another blog that I follow. He had me crackin' up when I read this because it's sooooooo true. I decided that I just had to share it with you guys.

For the church kids… Every church has a church mother.. responsible for undergurding the ministry, praying for the saints and teaching the women to be holy! No matter what denomination, state, or spiritual persuasion.. they all have somethings in common.. shall we review?

1. A Good wig:Its not that they need one but sometimes you have to get to the hospital to pray over the sick or deliver a plate of food to the bereaved and you do not have time to put your hair in a pony tail so you grab a wig, slap it on and jump in the Buick the kids bought you!

2. A collection of safety pins:The safety pin to the church mother is the equivalent of a good asprin to the sick… it will fix ANYTHING… Your skirt, your pants, a hole, the communion table clothe, dirt under your nails, wax in your ears, a loose wig.. you name it! Mother has one and she can take care of the problem!

3. A formidable hat collection:One in every major color…almost always have a rhinestone or an Australian crystal. These are not accessories to a mother.. they are apart of the outfit… When they travel to Memphis they ship the hats ahead of them so that they get their in time for morning Manna without being squished! You are not allowed to play in them young ladies!

4. A fur: This accessory may come as a coat, hat, gloves, or accessory glued on their suit but fir represents dignity and distinction…expect for it to be draped over one shoulder! If it is, she is a mother.. if it is on the cuffs of her suit.. she might be a mother in training or a Burlington shopper!

5. The “mother face”:This means she aint playin… some smile a lot but the good majority of them have afaced dressed in wisdom.. see “the face” below!

6. Peppermints:Not necessarily because your breath stinks but because she is cautious.. somebodies sugar could be low on the mothers board or she may need to give a crying grand baby something to suck to quiet them…

7. Holy Oil:its like lotion to them! They rub it on their hands in the morning.. use after the bathroom! You name it, holy oil will fix it! They have a small bottle in the car, house, purse and any other nookie you can think of! You will never know when duty calls!

8. A collection of denim skirts: Pants are out of the window! The next best thing to a pair of denim jeans is a denim skirt! They come in all varieties!

9. A coin purse:She never knows whens he will run into a deserving kid or some poor man.. however the primary reason she has this coin purse is to hold large sums of cash. This coin purse may be safety pinned to her bra strap.

10. An encouraging word.. it might just be “God bless you” or “stay sweet” but a mother has a way of making you feel loved!

June 2, 2009

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