Monday, November 8, 2010

Angry Approval Rating Rant

I'M ANGRY AND PISSED!!! The bullshit lies and manipulation has to stop. I rarely get this angry because I'm such an even-tempered analytical thinker. Whenever I write blogs about social or political issues where I express an opposing view, I always speak from a genuine need to understand the reasoning behind the opposition's viewpoint. I don't claim to be a journalist, but I know they share a very similar thought process in order to protect the integrity of the stories they report. This unwritten journalistic code of ethics usually works, but the ugly political climate we've had to endure over the past year has revealed a fatal flaw. When almost all of the opposition's views and beliefs are totally false and/or irrelevant, then it becomes impossible to understand where they're coming from, or to find some middle ground. There's no way I can respect anyone who chooses to follow the Republicans sick and disgusting tactics to regain power by destroying a sitting president by "any means necessary". We all know what's really going on, but for some reason everyone is afraid to acknowledge it. The people running the Republican party are constantly using race as a scare tactic to get white voters to back whatever lies and issue they're pushing. Some of it is so overt and bold that it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I really thought my fellow Americans were a lot smarter than that. President Obama has accomplished so much within the first half of his presidency. But for some reason his approval ratings aren't reflecting that at all. The unemployment rate has stopped it's rapid decline. He's working to repeal those unfair "rich get richer" Bush tax cuts, and give them back to the middle class working families where they belong. The stimulus he crafted was a success. The Republicans that were publicly against the stimulus, and made public statements saying that their state was going to refuse the money, all lied, and happily accepted the funds and even tried to make it look as though it was coming from them. I HATE HYPOCRISY ON ANY LEVEL, but this goes beyond anything I've ever seen or witnessed in American politics. I use to believe that at the core of any public servant or politician, they just want what's best for the country they live in, and the citizens they were chosen to represent. But after witnessing the brutal onslaught of attacks aimed at OUR PRESIDENT (and the democratic party) over the last two years, that naive belief of mine was forever shattered. The republican party made their intentions clear immediately following the presidential election. I was shocked at how brazen they were. Many republican leaders made public statements about their plan to undermine and sabotage everything coming from the White House and President Obama. They went on record and said that they wanted President Obama to "FAIL". Anyone with common sense knows that if the President fails, then the country fails. When a political party says that kind of stuff, it says that they do not have the best interest of this great nation in mind. So you have to ask yourself, why would any American want to be a part of or associate themselves with that kind of party. I could respect the opposition if they disagreed with specific policy issues, or if they presented a plan that outlined a better way to solve some of the economic issues we're having. But this isn't the case. 

I started writing this blog post about a month ago, before this past election on November 2 of 2010. I had intentions to finish writing it and post it before the election, but two new projects presented themselves to me, and I dove in headfirst because they were really good opportunities. Unfortunately those two projects required a lot of work and attention so my blog suffered. But after what just happened on November 2 with the GOP gaining control of the House, I knew I had to finish writing it and add something about my thoughts and reactions to that election. I was very disappointed at the outcome. I couldn't believe that my fellow Americans actually bought into the lies and manipulations of the Republican party. I took it very personal because I thought we were smarter than that. I thought we were past using fear and racism as a political ploy. I thought everyone remembered the people who caused the economic crisis and tarnished our international reputation. I thought everyone remembered how Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy were destroying the working middle class. I thought everyone remembered who sent our sons and daughters to fight and risk their lives in an unnecessary war. I thought everyone remembered who stole an election even though they did not get a majority vote. But I was wrong. We don't want to be bothered by actually thinking for ourselves. Who has time for that? We'd rather turn on Fox "news" and let them tell us what to think. If this is where our county is heading, then we deserve exactly what we get. If America is that dumb, then I can see why President Obama has such low approval ratings. We're too dumb to see and understand all of the huge accomplishments he's made in such a short time in spite of all the bullshit and negativity. My only solace is that history will see and recognize those accomplishments. And our children and grand children will benefit from the tough decisions  President Obama had to make to try to fulfill his vision of uniting this country... after all, aren't we supposed to be The "UNITED" States of America?


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