Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Katt Williams Goes Crazy, and my trip to Atlanta makes me the king of missed opportunity.

I know what you're wondering. What does Katt Williams (comedian from Nick Cannon's Wildin' Out sketch comedy show on MTV) losing his mind have to do with DeMon's trip to Atlanta, and how does "king of missed opportunity" fit into everything. Just be patient and I promise I'll explain everything. First thing first; Katt Williams a pure comic genius, had a "breakdown" of sorts over the weekend. The story was first leaked by earlier this week. The official story goes something like this: He had a very busy touring schedule with about 300 shows all over the country with no break or time off at all. Exhausted and spent, he traveled back to his home in Atlanta to recoup and be with family. Apparently he got into an altercation with a desk clerk in some mid-town hotel, for not knowing who he was. His behavior was categorized as "sporadic" and "confrontational". He was in the lobby with nothing on but a robe and some boots. The hotel manager called the police to come diffuse the situation. He did not get arrested, but he was taken to a mental health facility to determine if he was a threat to himself or anyone else. His publicist and his camp continues to stick with the story of "he's fine, he just needed some rest from touring for a little while". LOL... I think we all know that's a big load of SHIT lol. I think Katt Williams is funny as hell, and a bit crazy to boot. If you look at other famous comedians that were at the top of their game, you'll see that all of them are crazy, bazaar, screwed up, and almost all of them had at least one big public melt-down. Martin Lawrence, he was running down a street in LA waving a gun and he had nothing on but some tight white drawls. Dave Chappel turned down 10 million dollars and ran off to Africa abandoning his super popular tv show on Comedy Central. Richard Prior lit his self on fire while trying to light a crack pipe. Eddie Murphy got arrested for trying to pick up a transvestite hooker. And those are just the one's I could come up with right off the top of my head. Crazy right?...

Now on to the second part of my rant, "the king of missed opportunity". I was in Atlanta over the weekend just visiting family and seeing some friends. Saturday night my uncle and I hit up a couple bars to drink a bit and socialize. The second bar we went to was really cool. I sat at the bar beside this really cute guy named Dennis. He was a little tipsy, and I was a little buzzed, but not drunk. We hit it off and the conversation was flowing. It was apparent that he knew I was interested in him, and I knew he was interested in me. After a while, he leans in close to whisper something to me. He said he wants to kiss me so bad. I was completely caught off guard because most guys that are gay but in a mixed crowd (gay and straight) bar aren't that forward. If my skin tone was a little lighter, I'm sure my face would of turned bright red (lol). I smiled and asked him if he was serious. He said he was very serious, and that's all he thought about ever since I sat down beside him. Then he leans in a little closer and asks me if he did kiss me, would I kiss him back. I said of course... but then I remembered that my uncle was right behind me talking to some other people. I told him I would love to kiss him, but I didn't want to make my uncle feel uncomfortable. He asked if my uncle knew I was gay, and I said yes, he does know. Then he pulls me closer and we're eye to eye, noses almost touching. He had the most beautiful piercing blue eyes I've ever seen. I wanted to so bad... but I chickened out and pulled away. He gets up from the bar, and gives me a very tight hug and tells me he's going home, and he hopes I come back to the bar tomorrow without my uncle. I'M SO FUCKING STUPID! I let him walk out because I was afraid of what someone might think. I let the first guy I've actually clicked with, in a long time, get away. I sat at the bar looking stupid and feeling horrible regret in the pit of my stomach. After about 30 seconds, I realize what I had done, so I jump up and rush outside to try and catch him before he left. I looked all around and listened for any sign of a car starting. I couldn't find him. I was too late. I wanted to fuckin' scream. I sat outside on the curb, in the cold, wallowing in self pity until my uncle got ready to leave. The next day I return to North Carolina, and I've been thinking about it ever since. How could I be so stupid. What if he was that special person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. "What if" is a very dangerous statement. The "what if's" can drive you crazy if you let them. I'm trying to fight against it, and move on, but it's hard. So that's what I mean when I said I'm "THE KING OF MISSED OPPORTUNITY".

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